Post Doctoral Research

UmArts Call for Artistic Post-Doctoral Researchers

The UmArts research center at Umeå University is looking for excellent candidates for two postdoctoral positions in interdisciplinary research. The post-docs will be part of the UmArts research environment developing new art, architecture and design practices that generate a critical and creative discourse within the public realm. We have identified two very specific research areas that will make an important contribution to expanding the scope of artistic research:

The post-doc in Art and Architecture will be based at Umeå School of Architecture (UMA) in partnership with Bildmuseet museum of contemporary art. Whilst the post-doc in Design and Molecular Biology will be based at Umeå Institute of Design, in partnership with the Department of Molecular Biology. Each post doc will work independently on their own creative project with support from supervisors in their two departments and the Director of UmArts. 

UmArts Post-doc in Art and Architecture  

This post-doctoral research will be focused on the intersection of art and architecture, and will be based at Umeå School of Architecture (UMA), in partnership with the Bildmuseet museum of contemporary art. The broad aim is to develop new critical frameworks for investigating spatial politics including: territorial divisions, decolonisation, social cohesion, sustainability and resilience, which have relationships to northern Scandinavia. Proposals can develop new ways of inhabiting through the re-use, adaptation and occupation of space.  

Full details of the role and application details can be found here:

UmArts Post-doc in Design and Molecular Biology

This post-doctoral research will be focused on the intersection of design and molecular biology, and will be based at Umeå Institute of Design (UID), working in partnership with the Department of Molecular Biology. The broad aim is to investigate the potential roles of more-than-human and multispecies entanglement in designing our futures. We welcome proposals that converge the making and growing practices of Design and Molecular Biology, that conceptually entangle human and more-than-human bodies and world-making. 

Full details of the role and application details can be found here:

If you would like to discuss a research proposal please contact Ele Carpenter, Director of UmArts,