Vetenskapsrådet Artistic Research Symposium

4-5-6 December 2024
Arts Campus, Umeå University
Santa Clara by Carlos Raquel Rivera, 1957. Linoleum etching depicting scene during the Santa Clara hurricane of 1956 in Puerto Rico. Courtesy of Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña.

In December 2024 Umeå University will host the Vetenskaprådet (VR) Swedish Research Council symposium on Artistic Research. The symposium will be hosted by the UmArts Research Centre at Umeå University in partnership with the Vetenskaprådet Artistic Research Committee to focus on interdisciplinary critical research practices across art, architecture, design, music, sloyd and performance.

The Symposium will take place on the Arts Campus in partnership with the Departments of Art, Design, Architecture, Creative Studies, and the Bildmuseet contemporary art gallery. There will also be events taking place across the city.  

The concepts of hurricanes and scaffolding will be used to identify new critically reflexive frameworks that the arts bring to the wider discourses of society, technology and politics. The hurricane being a non-human force, and scaffolding being the built infrastructure on which systems can grow. Nora N.Khan outlines her concepts of hurricanes and scaffolding in her essay ‘Towards a poetics of Artificial Super Intelligence’ (In: ‘The Atlas of Anomalous AI’ edited by Ben Vickers and K Allado-McDowell).  The symposium presentations will explore human and non-human perspectives on infrastructures for new ways of thinking and making. 

We will soon announce an Open Call for research presentations and posters.