Marion Carre Living Organism, 2021. Installation at the Library of the Ecole Nationale des Chartes, 3 dot matrix printers print on paper rolls AI generated archive texts. Photo Eleni Wittbrodt

Art and AI TAIGA panel

TAIGA Conference 2022
UmArts Art and AI panel 27 October 10.30-12.00
Universitetsklubben, Aula Nordica, Umeå University

Panel: Sarah Cook, Marion Carré, Mushon Zer-Aviv.
Moderated by Ele Carpenter

How can research in contemporary art and design contribute to the social and ethical discourses of AI and machine learning? Working in partnership with museums and galleries, artists and curators are critically interrogating the aesthetics and politics of AI, collaborating with, and challenging the algorithmic logic underpinning hardware and software development. We are interested in how creative encounters can allow publics to experience and engage with the ethical considerations and societal shifts that widespread use of AI will bring and feeding that back into AI development.

This panel is organised by UmArts, who are leading Umeå university’s research focus on Art and AI in partnership with WASP-HS and TAIGA.

Moderator: Ele Carpenter Professor of Interdisciplinary Art and Culture, and Director of the UmArts Research Centre for Architecture, Art and Design at Umeå University. Carpenter’s curatorial research PhD on Politicised Socially Engaged Art and New Media Art (2008) underpins her interest in the social relationships between art and technology, and the geopolitics of AI today.

Sarah Cook is a curator of media and information art, and Professor of Museum Studies in Information Studies in the College of Arts, University of Glasgow. Cook’s curatorial research focuses on contemporary media art with an expertise in artist-led work around Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Sarah Cook will soon be joining Umeå University as WASP-HS Guest Professor in Art and AI hosted by UmArts, Umeå School of Architecture and Bildmuseet. Her lecture ‘Curating Artificial Intelligence: critical frameworks for thinking about the relationship between AI and Art’ will open the discussion.

Marion Carré is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur exploring the relationship between art, knowledge and artificial intelligence. Her recent artworks make interventions into public archives, exploring how fake news effects our trust in media and public records, where the archives operates as both subject and material. Marion Carré is the CEO of Ask Mona, a startup developing AI solutions to facilitate the daily life of cultural professionals and improve the experience of their audiences. She teaches a course on art and artificial intelligence at Sorbonne University, Sciences Po Paris, French National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and published a book on this subject.  Marion Carré was selected as one of the Forbes 30 under 30 2022 list and the French 100 women of Culture 2022 award.

Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, researcher, educator and media activist based in Tel Aviv. His love/hate relationship with data informs his design work, art, activism, research and teaching. Mushon is currently writing a non-fiction book on Friction and Flow — a political design theory of change. Among Mushon’s collaborations, he is the  co-founder of – a foxy design studio; – a tour of Gaza through the streets of Tel Aviv; Kriegspiel – a computer game version of the Situationist Game of War; – discover what normal people look like; the AdNauseam extension – clicking ads so you don’t have to; and multiple government transparency and civic participation initiatives with the Public Knowledge Workshop; Mushon also designed the maps for and led the design of Mushon is an alumni of Eyebeam – an art and technology center in New York. He teaches digital media as a senior faculty member at Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. Follow him at @mushon.

Recording from the Art and AI Panel