Photograph: Ele Carpenter

Forest Workshops

The Forest working group meets regularly to share their research across art, architecture, political science and landscape ecology. The group are exploring how to develop holistic and interdisciplinary understandings of the human / forest relationship that can represent multiple, overlapping and conflicting interests. They aim to develop a shared critical space for new collaborative artistic research projects which deal with the ethical complexities of forestry in relation to the climate crisis, to reconsider the language and aesthetics of sustainability.

The workshops will investigate multidisciplinary approaches to the human and nonhuman entanglements of the forest in Northern Sweden. Research questions will investigate the ethical aesthetics of different kinds of woodlands and their material and geopolitical networks.

Forest Working Group: Gerd Aurell, artist; James B. Brown, architecture; Ele Carpenter, curator; Camilla Sandström, political science; Moa Sandström, Sámi studies; Per Sandström, landscape ecology; Edith Marie Pasquier, artist.