UmArts is the Research Centre for Architecture, Design and the Arts at Umeå University in Northern Sweden. The centre aims to create an exciting interdisciplinary arts research environment in the visual arts, architecture, design, and creative studies, in partnership with Bildmuseet and within the regional context of Northern Sweden as well as nationally and internationally.

UmArts aims to develop critical knowledge in artistic research by supporting interdisciplinary research between artistic and other fields, with high quality public dissemination and engagement. UmArts works across five departments Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, the Umeå School of Architecture (UMA), the Umeå Institute of Design (UID), the Department of Creative Studies, and Bildmuseet.


Ele Carpenter UmArts Director

Jon Svensson UmArts Research Co-ordinator

Bodil Formark Research Support & Collaboration Office

Maria Bylund UmArts Finance Administrator


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