Working Groups

Art & AI

UmArts is leading research in Art, Architecture, Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Umeå University in partnership with the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS) and Umeå University’s Centre for Transdisciplinary AI (TAIGA).


The UmArts Displacement working group meets regularly to bring together researchers from different disciplines exploring the relationships between host and guest in relation to migration and displacement in the north of Sweden. 

Geopolitics of the Forest

The Forest working group meets regularly to share their research on the geopolitics of the forest across art, architecture, political science and landscape ecology. The group are exploring how to develop holistic and interdisciplinary understandings of the human / forest relationship that can represent multiple, overlapping and conflicting interests.

Curatorial Reading Group

The Curatorial Research Group will start in 2023 to discuss curating contemporary art as research process and as a form of knowledge production.

The UmArts Working Groups bring together researchers from across the arts, humanities and sciences to share their work investigating important aesthetic, ethical and socio-political questions. These interdisciplinary working groups provide space to share practice and develop new research collaborations. The groups include the UmArts postdocs, Small Visionary Project researchers, research fellows and Guest professors along with partner research networks across Umeå University and invited international guests. The groups meet in the UmArts Research Studio and online.