UmArts warmly invites you to an open studio event at Smedjan, where we will unveil the creation process behind the Small Visionary Project “Strangers at Home,” a work-in-progress architectural installation by architects Daniel Movilla Vega, Lluis J. Liñán, Anneli Zetterström, and Oskar H. Germann.

Strangers at Home” is a projective exploration of the interplay between Swedish housing provision and everyday domesticity. Through meticulous material selection and tools, we challenge conventional notions of Swedish domestic space, sparking dialogue on architecture’s pivotal role in shaping societal narratives. In so doing, the installation serves as a platform for critical inquiry into the resilience of prevailing Swedish housing design recommendations and confronts the paradoxes inherent within ‘the Swedish home’. Come journey with us as we navigate the interplay of power dynamics and identity within our built environment. Together, we’ll delve into the implications of fabricating and assembling this architectural prototype.

Open Studio times:

5 April at 15.00-17.00

8 April at 13.00-16.00

9 April at 13.00-16.00

10 April at 13.00-16.00