The Nuclear Culture Research Group was established by Ele Carpenter in 2011. It is a network of artists, curators, and academics in the nuclear arts, humanities and sciences, as well as nuclear professionals, who share their work and opportunities around nuclear culture to develop new research partnerships. In this context the term ‘nuclear culture’ describes cultural activity investigating conceptual frameworks of the aesthetics of radiation and nuclear decoloniality though the visual, performing and media arts. The term ‘nuclear’ is used to describe the whole techno-scientific cycle from uranium mining, the military industrial complex, energy and the planned final geologic repositories. Group members have been involved in exhibitions, field research, publications and roundtable discussions investigating nuclear sites and artistic research questions.

Nuclear Culture Research Group Email List

The group has an jisc email list for sharing information, moderated by Gair Dunlop (DJCAD, University of Dundee) and Ele Carpenter (Umeå University). The list includes 240 artists, scholars, culutral and nuclear professionals and aims to enhance research dialogues around curation, artistic production, collaboration with scientific colleagues and theory. If you would like to join – please sign up here:

Nuclear Culture in Sweden

For an overview on Nuclear power in Sweden see the World Nuclear Association page for Sweden.