Researchers’ Night

29 September 16-20
UmArts Research Studio
Gerd Aurell, Forest Portal, UmArts Research Studio, 2023

Researchers’ Night ​​is Europe’s largest science festival for curious people of all ages. This year UmArts is taking part in the Umeå experience ForskarFredagsmys on the Arts Campus, along with the Curiosum Science Education Centre, Umeå Institute of Design and Umeå School of Architecture.

Visitors are welcome to drop into the UmArts Research Studio next door to Curiosum. We will present a selection of current artistic research projects and offer the opportunity to participate in creative activities inspired by the artworks. Anders Lind and the Mobile Phone Orchestra will also perform in Curiosum during the evening.

Draw a Portal

Inspired by Gerd Aurell’s artwork Forest Portal, we create our own portals. Where does your portal lead? Let your creativity flow!

A Growing Tree

Inspired by Toms Kokins’ artwork Swedish Timber Empire we will grow a tree together. By drawing annual rings to see the tree grow and age. How old will the tree get?

Radioactive Risk Perception

Ele Carpenter invites visitors to consider the relative risk of different kinds of radiation exposure, calibrated through samples of domestic uranium glassware.

Research Projects on display

Toms Kokins, Sweden’s Timber Empire (2023). Birch plywood, acrylic paint, tar, drawings, tar furnance and bucket.

Gerd Aurell, Forest Portal (2023) wall drawing.

Tarsh Bates, Smell the Forest (2023) mixed materials.

Ele Carpenter, Laboratory for Variable Risk Perception (2023) Uranium glass, UV torches.

Alex Ressel and Kerri Meehan, Sickness Country (2020) photograph.

Tonia Carless, Wide Load (2023) publication.

Luis Berrios-Negron, Untitled (Geoengineering Billionaires)(2023) silkscreen on recovered canvas.

We will be open for visitors between 16.00 and 20.00. UmArts staff will guide the visitors in the interactive activities, show the works and answer questions.

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