Coco and her friend, Annika Eriksson, 2022.

The Container and Contained

Annika Eriksson

The Container and Contained is an artistic research project into how animals navigate human-made architecture and how this impacts upon their social relations. The work is part of a wider series of reflections around dependencies, ethics and tipping points within Annika Eriksson’s practice.

Through this new body of artworks including moving image, installation and discursive events, Eriksson navigates human-animal co-habitation within the strains of an increasingly pressurised and monetised architectural politics of care. Using the animal shelter as a microcosm and site to think through animal-human dependencies, the project is focused on the lines between containment, care and exploitation. The research holds a space of thinking through questions about alternative forms of co-habitation, agency and solidarity between and across kins. 

The artworks will consider the built environment of the animal shelter, in particular the purpose-built structure of the Tierheim Berlin, Europe’s largest animal shelter. The process of the research as well as presentations of the visual outcome will be shared and communicated in close dialogue with the UmArts research environment and the animal rights organisation (Djurskyddet) Västerbotten through discussions, seminars and visual presentations.