Crafting Revisited

Åsa JeanssonStina Westerlund

Crafting Revisited, Åsa Jeansson and Stina Westerlund

The project idea stems from our joint background as craftswomen, Sloyd teachers, teacher educators and PhD:s Crafting Revisited is a project aiming to develop and try out a functional and cross-disciplinary based methodological framework, which utilizes opportunities for development of new craft knowledge in the meeting between artistic research and educational science. With revisiting craft Åsa Jeansson & Stina Westerlund refer to a return to their own craftmanship and to the use of the textile medium and its mode of expression as a way to articulate, document and communicate research results. Specifically, the project is about how craft knowledge is mastered when traditional craft meets new digital tools, i.e. the transformation of knowledge from being skilled in hand embroidery to technically and creatively master digital embroidery machines and software. Material explorations, artefacts and the practical work in collaborative craft processes will be video documented and analysed together with a cross-disciplinary reference group to support new perspectives in artistic and scientific research.