Winter Garden, Umeå Arts Campus, December 2022

Retake/Reuse: The Winter Garden

Alejandro Haiek CollMaria Luna NobileMarie Kraft

The Retake/ Reuse experiments to reactivate public spaces: the winter garden research project explores how participatory processes can be a tool to develop architectural languages and renegotiate a city’s infrastructure in response to the climate emergency and the need for winter public spaces.

It explores how architecture can operate as a device for collective practice and public engagement; to investigate how urban winter gardens can have a regenerative social impact in Nordic, urban contexts, and how temporary structures can help us formulate new responsive, ecological environments. Working with members of the public, students and experts in art and architecture, the project facilitates knowledge sharing leading to the realisation of a physical full-scale prototype.

The researchers regularly install the Winter Garden structure in and around the Arts Campus at Umeå University, testing new social relations and sensing technologies.

The Winter Garden project is transdisciplinary research project at the intersection between culture, art, architecture, human interactions and environmental science, addressing the climate emergency. The partners include:

Umeå School of Architecture SVP Project Coordinator: Maria Luna Nobile; Project Installation: Alejandro Haiek; Technical advisors: Tomas Mena, Alejandra Diaz; Project team: Rebecca Rudolph, Raffaele Errichiello.

Circolo Scandinavo Director: Marie Kraft

Department of Informatics UX Lab: Fatemeh Moradi, Umeå University. Team: Hiran Herath, Kevin Charles Dalli, Parisima Alaie , Viktor Sjöström, William Sahlin

Department of Environmental Sciences Project advisor: Gesche Blume-Werry

Winter Garden Event, Thursday 16 February 2023

The Winter Garden will be installed inside the Umeå School of Architecture for a special demonstration for delegates to the European Union Free to Create European Conference on Artistic Freedom taking place in Umeå. The Winter Garden will be open from 18.00-19.00.

Winter Garden Launch, Saturday 3 December 2022

The launch of the Winter Garden was an amazing success. The day started with a public discussion in the Architecture School (UMA), followed by a social gathering in the Winter Garden which reactivated the high level courtyard between Bildmuseet and Konsthögskolan. People from all the UmArts departments gathered in the warmth of the outdoor space in minus temperatures, enjoying the music and taking their off their hats! The blue translucent material filtered the winter sunlight over the River Ume as researchers, staff, and students gathered with their children in prams, pets and friends, to meet new people and find out more about the development of environmental sensing devices in the structure.