CITA: RawLam, View from Architectures of Transition, Bildmuseet, 2021. Photo: Bild i Norr.

The Winter Garden

Alejandro Haiek CollAnders JanssonMaria Luna NobileMarie Kraft

The Winter Garden project is a partnership between Bildmuseet and UMA the Umeå School of Architecture. It will explore how participatory processes can be a tool to develop architectural languages and renegotiate a city’s infrastructure in response to the climate emergency and the need for local food production. The project investigates how urban winter gardens can have a regenerative social impact in Nordic, urban contexts and how temporary structures can help us formulate new architectural languages. Working with members of the public, students and experts in art and architecture the project will facilitate shared knowledge leading up to the realization of a physical full-scale prototype to be presented in Umeå during Spring 2022. The project is inspired by the Architectures of Transition exhibition at Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Curated by Pedro Gadanho, running until 10 April 2022.