AI as a Collaborative Partner in Music

Göran Wretling

Göran Wretling, Studio, 2024.

This project on ArtificiaI Intelligence as a Collaborative Partner in Music Composition and Music Production delves into the intersection of AI and music creation. As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Göran will explore possibilities and challenges through human-AI interaction when collaborating with AI-tools in music composition and music production. Previous research, such as Newman et al. (2023), indicates that while AI tools offer new opportunities for creative expression, they also present challenges like cultural bias and potential homogenization of work due to Eurocentric training data.

The methodological approach involves autoethnography, allowing for a reflective and culturally insightful examination of the artistic process. Collaboration with other AI explorers aims to develop more shared insights and opportunities. The project’s outcomes, including audio and video presentations and compositional work, will be shared publicly via the Research Catalogue and a research workshop will facilitate further exploration and research in the field.