Healing the Wounds

Constanze Hirt

Healing the Wounds, logo, Contanze Hirt, 2023.

Healing Wounds: Making living facades with bio-based waste and natural fibers

The Healing the Wounds research project aims to make better use of the large amounts of waste from the forestry and packaging industries. The project explores the use of bio-based cellular waste such as cardboard and paper to create self-supporting structures and the use of natural fibers such as threads and growing plants as connectors. The project seeks to answer to the following questions: Can plant roots serve as a long-term link to stabilize and bind natural cellular waste to make building envelopes? Which geometry for a structure of waste material is needed to make a bonding between the instable structure and and the plant filling possible? What geometry for a waste structure is needed to allow a bond between the unstable structure and the plant filling?