Traditional geography of discourse around forestry in Sweden

The Swedish Timber Empire

Toms Kokins

This research project aims to develop social and creative processes to critically map the extent of the new Swedish timber empire. The research will highlight some of the hidden power structures and narratives underlying the global race for resources that often neglects biodiversity and cultural identities in affected territories. Since the early 1990s there has been an increased procurement of forest lands in neighbouring countries such as Russia, Estonia, Latvia by the Swedish state and private companies. In some cases, this has radically changed the land ownership maps of local municipalities. Toms Kokins will investigate the extent of Swedish-owned forest land beyond its borders and its relationship to architecture. Using diverse mapping methods, Kokins aims to create an holistic quantitative and qualitative map of the new Swedish timber empire, researching who and what should be included and how it can be communicated? The project will also investigage how the phenomenon is changing local cultural, social and economic landscapes.

 Speculative geography including forest lands owned by the Swedish state and private companies